VoGro is an ongoing project that started as a COVID-relief project by a group of young volunteers. It allows volunteers to sign up through an app and complete tasks that are distributed by local organizations. These organizations will have access to VoGro's dashboard that will help manage their tasks and volunteers more efficiently.

Wanting to build more product design experience, I’ve decided to start creating a design system in the hopes that it will building a more consistent design structure for VoGro's future products.

Process & Challenges

Because VoGro did not have an existing style guide, it was difficult at first to decipher which styles to implement. After researching what design systems are and what its purpose is, I started by asking myself "How will creating a design system benefit VoGro? What are some of VoGro's values that I could focus on when building this?"

VoGro's goal is to provide a simple, welcoming, yet efficient product for its users. I tried to keep this in the forefront of my mind and focus on thinking about future VoGro designers that would access this library.


So far, I've created some simple components that are used universally throughout VoGro's products and I eventually plan to create VoGro specific icons and expand the number of components as the project progresses.

This was a project that created out of pure interest in experimenting and diving into the realm of design systems, and it is exciting to know that the components could help implement a more efficient design process for future VoGro projects.

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